Design and Libraries: What Interests You . . .

Sketch by Jeff Davis, Arch Nexus

Designing buildings influences everyone's life. We all live, work, learn, and play in buildings. Libraries and Community Centers are an incredible opportunity to affect people's lives and the social, economic and environmental health of our communities.


I am interested in knowing: What Interests You?


What about design or about libraries interest you? Please email me and let me know.


Here are a few ideas to help spark your interest and tap into What Interests You.


  • Biophilic Design
  • Community Economic Health
  • Community Social Health
  • Community Environmental Health
  • Maker Spaces
  • Business Incubators
  • Libraries and Recreation Centers Combined
  • Psychological Impacts of Architecture on People
  • The Interaction of People with Buildings
  • The Role of a 21st Century Librarian
  • The Evolution of Libraries and What the Future Holds
  • Building Details
  • Storytelling Through Architecture
  • Problems Created by Architecture
  • How Libraries Fix Communities
  • Problems in Managing Libraries
  • Library Pain Points: What are they? How do Make Them Better?
  • Community Pain Points: What are they? How do Make Them Better?
  • Any other topic about design and / or libraries that would interest you . . .

Please email me and let me know What Interests You?

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