Jeffery Lloyd Davis

About Me

I am architect jeff, a design architect author writing about a people focused design philosophy. I believe that architecture directly influences people's everyday environment thereby affecting who they are and what they become.

I am a senior leader for a great design firm, MSR Design ( where we design public architecture projects that enrich people's lives everyday. This is my Author blog and is not directly associated with MSR Design. The blog is the focus of my writing, my reflection, and my journey of people and architecture.

My Story

I have been learning about architecture since I was 13 years old and have now been practicing architecture for over a quarter of a century. My experience in designing places for people to inhabit has shaped my love for how our environment changes us. When we control our environment we control who we become.

My Vision

Life is a journey and we must choose to follow a path not always knowing where it leads. Our environment shapes our lives. Architecture is a consistent part of our environment and affects your future more than you know. I hope to help you shape your future by teaching you how to change your environment.

Join the journey

Join the journey of choosing your environment and experiencing architecture